Construction equipment

Site preparation is an important step to improve efficiency, tools are unequaled partners, this is why MABI offers innovative quality solutions.

Stripping of wood frames

Ergonomic scraper for wood-frame stripping (sounding and finishing).

– Delta knife 8 CM sharpened, re-sharpen at will
– Tool tilt angle of 7° to work facing the beam without hurting your hands
– Ultra-light ergonomic handle for a better grip

Length : 85 CM

Weight : 1.5 KG

Scrap’Air pneumatic scraper, for wood-stripping or plaster removal. It saves considerable time for its user. Tool 8 CM sharpened to facilitate stripping of wood, secure locking tool (other tools on request).

Power : 6 à 8BAR

Working pressure : 210L/min

Frequency : 4750 blows/min

Power : 15 joules


Advice and maintenance videos

Drill bits

Wood auger drill bits

  • Screw tip for effortless drilling and automatic advance
  • Sharp drill, clean hole, quality drilling
  • Unique spiral, the absence of central axis ensures perfect wood chip evacuation
  • Rectified diameter reduces friction and overheating in case of deep drilling

Wood auger drill bits with reversed cutter

Especially advised for tough woods: 2 planes cutting edges to avoid wood chip blocking.


Twist bits

Made of high speed steel’ (HSS). Re-sharpen at will and very robust, resistant to nails.

Concrete drill SDS plus

Highly resistant with 2-point carbide head.


Stop kit

Drill Stopper: Ideal for drilling easily and quickly injection holes at the desired depth.
Adjustment from 15 to 90mm, the stop blocks the progress of the auger bit, releasing the bit without forcing on the drill.

Demonstration video

Construction site electrical equipment


Compact with carrying handle. 50,000 hours led bulb (15 years). Energy consumption reduced by about 80% compared to traditional lighting.

Construction site electric station

Robust, handy, 6 outlets, 30mA differential circuit breaker, IP44 emergency stop, 5M of cable, 3500W.

Construction site electric box

Robust PVC compact box, 4 outlets, 30mA differential circuit breaker, IP44 emergency stop, 2M cable, 3680W, carrying handle.

Diagnostic case with:

  • Rangefinder: Measuring distances / areas / volumes and heights. Measuring range 0.05M-30M
  • Thermal Image Thermometer: Identifying Heat Related Problems
  • Temperature measurement with high precision. Documentation of the inspection with images. Measuring range -25 ° C to 380 ° C
  • Moisture tester that measures the moisture content of wood and materials. Measuring range 5% to 50% for wood and 1.5% to 33% for materials
  • Hygrometer that measures the humidity level in the air. Measuring range humidity from 0 to 100% RH
  • Field Endoscope: Inspection of the interior of installations. Sensor length 59 CM. Diameter of probe: 9.8 mm

Site cleaning & evacuation of excavated material

Fixed head for optimum safety, blade weight: 640G

Hard rubber mallet, weight: 538G

Plane brush Steel bristle, 80% more effective thanks to the plane shape

Heavy-duty woven polypropylene bag. 60 X 83 cm

Sprayer and cleaner

KIT MABI PRO sprayer on trolley. Comes with a 6 or 20 M hose. The self-priming pump propels a jet up to 10 M. Max flow: 240L/H with the straight jet nozzle.

Non-stop use thanks to the optional 2nd battery. The tank holding strap is reinforced and comfortable.

Operates on rechargeable LITHIUM-ION battery. The tank is equipped with a diaphragm pump with viton seals. By pushing the spray handle, the pump is triggered automatically.

Delivered assembled & tested: Ready to use

Retention tank for cans, made of polyethylene with open metal flooring for 2 cans



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