Concrete crack repair

Why do concretes crack?

When the concrete has cracks (other than those caused by the oxidation of steels) and that these may affect the durability of the structure by causing more serious disorders that may affect the overall state of the structure, it is necessary to treat them.
Passive crack: a crack whose opening does not change
Active crack: crack opening during the course of time or under external actions (traffic, wind, temperature, etc.) How to repair cracked concrete?

How to fix cracked concrete ?


Drill Ø12mm holes, in staggered row, in each side of the crack with a 45° angle to reach it in depth. Remove the dust with an air blown gun.

Injection-packers’ implementation

The anchoring sleeves are inserted in each drilled hole, using a hammer
until a perfect fit. With a mounting tool, hammer strongly the injectionpacker
into each anchoring sleeve.

The anchoring sleeve expands and firmly holds all together.
For vertical cracks, seal the crack in surface with a waterproof material to avoid the resin to come out.


Inject gradually the resin depending on the concrete condition. Only use
officially approved chemicals and equipment; wear the Personal Protective
Equipment required.
After injection, the injection-packer head can be immediately cut and holes
must be resealed.


treatement by injection mabi catalog

The methods are given for information purposes only.

Always refer to the local legislation and to the chemical manufacturer’s label before starting any job.

Always wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required and officially approved for chemical handling, including gloves, coverall, respirator and protective eyewear.