How to to get rid of Asian hornet nests

traitement nid de frelons asiatiques

The Asian hornet, scientifically known as Vespa velutina, is a species of insect of the family Vespidae, native to Asia. The Asian hornet arrived in France by accident twenty years ago. Today, this insect can be found throughout France and in several European countries.

What do Asian hornets look like?

The Asian hornet measures about 3 cm and has yellow legs, thus nicknaming it “yellow-legged hornet“. Be careful not to confuse it with a European hornet, which is larger.

frelon asiatique frelon a pattes jaunes

Asian hornet season

As soon as the weather gets warmer and milder, that is to say in spring, the queen wakes up from her hibernation and builds a new nest made of chewed cellulose fibers. The queen will build her nest preferably high up and close to water. The nest will have a single entrance/exit; the hole is usually located on the bottom of the nest. Then, the queen will devote herself entirely to the laying of future female workers.

nid de frelon asiatique

Around June and July, the female workers leave the nest to build a new one to house the new colony. An Asian hornet nest can contain up to 10,000 hornets, while European hornets have a few hundred.

nid de frelons asiatiques

When autumn arrives, the reproductive females (several dozen per nest) and the males leave the nest to reproduce. Then, during winter, the rest of the colony dies: only the reproductive females survive by hiding to hibernate and create a new colony the following spring. The nests are therefore empty and are never reused by new colonies of Asian hornets.

Getting rid of Asian hornet nests

For your safety, never intervene alone to destroy the nest. Instead, hire a professional who will be equipped with protection and equipment to work safely.

To obtain the best results, you should intervene early in the morning or in the evening because the majority of hornets are inactive and remain in the nest. This way, the treatment will be less dangerous and more effective in terms of getting rid of a maximum of hornets.

Treatment of hornet's nest with the MABI special telescopic pole

The MABI telescopic pole, specially designed for the treatment of various pests (hornets, wasps, …), is the best choice for your hornet nest destruction operations. It can reach 20 meters high thanks to its 100% telescopic deployment in order to work safely. Moreover, the pole is very rigid to offer you optimal comfort and precision during your interventions.

Find the telescopic pole for Asian hornets here.

Treatment method: 

Inject preferably and if possible on the side of the nest. If this is not possible, push the tip of the pole deeply into the inhabited part of the nest. As soon as the tip makes contact with the nest, inject the powder so that it spreads sufficiently throughout the nest. This will prevent the tip from becoming clogged with nest material or hornet larvae substances. If the hose or tip should become clogged, use a blower from a compressor to unclog it. At the end of the treatment, avoid draining the hose to conserve the product, unless the next treatment is scheduled to occur after 24 hours.

asian hornet nest treatment method mabi

Find the telescopic pole with the complete kit:

  • 25cm Standard spray tip
  • Height adjustable spray gun
  • Hose with coupling
  • 4 BAR Powder sprayer
  • Optional: 360° diffusion tip
perche telescopique pour traitement frelons asiatiques mabi

Equip yourself with PPE before any intervention. MABI recommends the special Asian hornet protection suit with helmet and visor for optimal protection.

MABI also recommends you the best equipment:

combinaison de protection speciale frelon asiatique

Asian hornet treatment